Print Editions

You can go to the TextArc Print Gallery at to take one home, if you like. We're very proud of the printed versions. There are inexpensive TextArc posters available, too.

A TextArc will uncover a rich tapestry of associations in a text whether or not it's interactive. In fact, the printed version has something that won't be duplicated on a screen for many years: tens of thousands pixels (!) of resolution, rather than a thousand or so on the screen.

We're printing 32" x 20" TextArcs. They are fully realized independent works in themselves, not just screen prints of the interactive version, and they respect and explore the capabilities and qualities of this completely different medium. They're being printed with the best technology available, on heavy Crane Museo watercolor-like stock, with pigment inks designed to outlast the people who formulated them. The detail brings another whole level of meaning to a TextArc—now you can even read the tiny lines around the outside.

The explanatory text is not present in the actual prints

Most important, these prints can give you a chance to live with the ideas buried in fine literature on a day-to-day basis. The ideas, vocabulary and associations in the texts enter your mind at a pre-attentive level every time you glance at one; and focused study is repaid with even more depth of understanding.

Click the image above or below to see a PDF version and explore that depth. (You can download Adobe Acrobat to look at these if your browser doesn't open them right into a graphics window for viewing.)

Roughly life-size detail, depending on your monitor's pixel density.