TextArc is lovely and seems useful. I wish you success with it. It seems like a nice blend of overview and user controlled selection of details.
—Ben Schneiderman   Founding Director HCIL (Human Computer Interface Lab), University of Maryland

Rarely do value, aesthetics and innovation come together so effectively. It shows what can happen when designers go beyond thinking about displays as just electronic paper.
—Bill Buxton   Chief Scientist, Alias|Wavefront & SGI

[TextArc] frees you to see the text in a nonlinear way, and to make connections that you would not have otherwise made. It makes a text richer and more interpretable.
—Bruce Ferguson   Dean, Columbia University School of the Arts

TextArc evolves from an academic tool into a full-fledged work of digital art. ... This is the reading process made visible. As the eye arrives at each word, it glows in the mind while generating a skein of other associations, similar to what happens when one reads a book. Then it lingers a bit before receding from consciousness. And all the while, the greater whole of the story is present in the imagination and beautifully vivid on the screen.    (Here's the whole article.)
—Matthew Mirapaul   Arts Columnist, The New York Times

Really enjoyed hearing your ideas and seeing your work. Your multivalent approach is rare and welcome. I look forward to seeing more anytime.
—Larry Rinder   Curator, The Whitney Biennial & Bitstreams

TextArc was mentioned, then attacked by a couple of fellow nerds on Slashdot, though the belligerent ones largely got shouted down. Some good feedback from the noisy minority led to improvements.

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